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Back 2 The Basics Mentorship is a nonprofit organization with 501c3 status

Nonprofit Organization with 501c3 Status

Back 2 The Basics Mentorship  becomes nonprofit organization with 501c3 status.

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unnamed-300x200Back 2 The Basics Mentorship is a nonprofit organization with 501c3 status. I,  along with my wife started this organization to give back to the community we live in. Moreover, we coach and mentor numerous at-risk youth, ages 6-21 on the south side of Chicago. Today, our team experienced a great loss between the hours of 12am-5:30am 7/7/17. Our van, which was recently purchased, was stolen. The story was aired on Fox 32 and NBC 5 Chicago.  Things were looking up as we finally had a way to get the kids to practice, games, events, and home safely. Our Chrysler town and country van with ALL the equipment we use to condition and prepare the kids for basketball games was quickly stolen. The practice had just ended at 10 p.m. the night before and we were to rise for early morning conditioning. All we do is to help keep them off the street and prepare them for life. We are asking for your help to continue the work we are doing with the young men and women. Help our youth with “A Chance at Life”.  If you choose to contribute you can at or contact me at 770-990-6345. Thanks in advance. All contributions are tax deductible.


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